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Feb. 5th, 2014 @ 08:22 am 2014
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Just felt I should post something at least one a year....Something   :-)
Apr. 30th, 2013 @ 02:27 pm Sad
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Maybe I'm too cynical but 2+2 still equals 4 and I'm not buying the timing. Start with he's being released as a free agent July 1. Then from the NYtimes: "However, complicating that question is the fact that Collins, at 34, is a marginal player with limited skills, more valued for his locker-room presence than his play and not at the top of anyone’s list of players to sign."
I hope I'm wrong but I guess I seen to much B.S. over the years; because I have to wonder is he gay or is this just wagging the dog or both. One way or the other; bet he gets signed for top dollar now.
 But why sad, because I don't dare post a random thought like this on facebook unless I want to be bitched by crackpots. Here I'm fairly safe in that anyone who reads this knows me well enough that any comments will be welcome pro or con.
Apr. 28th, 2013 @ 01:41 am 4 years
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It's been 4 years from the last post hmmmm what happened ???? Oh right .....facebook
Nov. 1st, 2009 @ 01:19 am daylight savings rant
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"The argument in favor of saving energy swayed Indiana, where until 2005, only about 16 percent of counties observed Daylight Saving Time. Based on the DOT study, advocates of Indiana DST estimated that the state’s residents would save over $7 million in electricity costs each year. Now that Indiana has made the switch, however, researchers have found the opposite to be the case. Scientists from the University of California, Santa Barbara, compared energy usage over the course of three years in Indiana counties that switched from year-round Standard Time to DST. They found that Indiana’s actually spent $8.6 million more each year because of Daylight Saving Time, and increased emissions came with a social cost of between $1.6 million and $5.3 million per year. Commentators have theorized that the energy jump is due to the increased prevalence of home air conditioning over the past 40 years, in that more daylight toward the end of a summer’s day means that people are more likely to use their air conditioners when they come home from work"

And you would think the first thing President Obama would do if he really cared (fix congress) about the carbon footprint of the country; was repeal daylight (not) savings.
Sep. 10th, 2009 @ 12:50 am thus do we refute entropy.
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 Today was a rare day. I had a chance to talk with both of my best friends. And because of that
what should have been a …. day; was a good day.  But to be honest good days are what you make of
  My Day:  I’m back to no work as I found out yesterday that another worker was called in. Meh, I can live
with that, but what tripled my stress level was this person informed the rest of the employees that
he was getting paid at the end of the week. So what?…. most of the employees haven’t received
paychecks for mid-April.  I came home today knowing the fit was going to hit the shan before the
end of the week. By next week I might have to go pick up my stuff because the business is gone. 
  I commented  to both my friends I really don’t know why I haven’t cracked from the stress.
Basically since the first of the year I’ve been living on my saved resources and they’re gone.
Even with unemployment and cutting back I will go negative shortly. And money is just the start
of the fun in my life right now. 
  But back to why.  I think it’s because I was given a tool about a decade ago.

(Fill in the blank) grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change;
    Courage to change the things I can;
    And wisdom to know the difference.

  Some say it’s a Prayer, a mantra or just a good thought. I just think of it as a tool for living.
I know it might seem like a simple, silly or easy concept. It’s not. Not to really accept it into
you’re being. It took me over a decade.  But to truly accept that you can not change some
things and to understand they can’t be changed, too not feel guilty or bad because they
can’t be changed, and also it’s not your fault . And the really hard part: to quit trying to
change things. Some times you have to move on.
.“wisdom to know the difference” that’s the real head banger.

  It’s a good tool. Properly used it works well on work, home, friends, and family. So if I the
company is gone Monday I'll move on knowing that I did what I could. I don’t know; maybe this
post will help someone. If not it helped me in writing it I worked out the extra stress I was
carrying from work..
Sep. 8th, 2009 @ 10:03 pm Fines proposed for going without health insurance
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This story is excerpted from the AP:

"WASHINGTON – Americans would be fined up to $3,800 for failing to buy health insurance under a plan that circulated in Congress on Tuesday......

The latest proposal: a ten-year, $900-billion bipartisan compromise that Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., a moderate who heads the influential Finance Committee, was trying to broker. It would guarantee coverage for nearly all Americans, regardless of medical problems.....

The Baucus plan would require insurers to take all applicants, regardless of age or health. But smokers could be charged higher premiums. And 60-year-olds could be charged five times as much for a policy as 20-year-olds.

Just as auto coverage is now mandatory in nearly all states, Baucus would require that all Americans get health insurance once the system is overhauled. Penalties for failing to do so would start at $750 a year for individuals and $1,500 for families. Households making more than three times the federal poverty level — about $66,000 for a family of four — would face the maximum fines. For families, it would be $3,800, and for individuals, $950.

Baucus would offer tax credits to help pay premiums for households making up to three times the poverty level, and for small employers paying about average middle-class wages. People working for companies that offer coverage could avoid the fines by signing up......"

Full story here:

And people wonder why I don't disagree with all the ranting about the health bills. Every time some one rants about or quotes a answer on the "bill": I ask which one and what revision?

"require insurers to take all applicants, regardless of age or health"   But some people will be charge more smokers and 60+ ...and who else as the  bill gets changed to target people who make personal choices the might effect there health..... overweight people.......people who drink alcohol......play sports........work at high risk jobs.......get pregnant .....I know you might think some of these are silly but this is the government. More is better...this is why we have daylight savings till November. I don't know about you but the first thing I do is turn on a light when I get up at 7AM and it only Sept. And we save how? Oh that's right we don't with the extended DST.
(http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2008-03-08-daylight-saving-time_N.htm )

"Just as auto coverage"  no I choose to drive and as and accept the requirement to get insurance. So whats my choice with mandatory health insurance to choose not to live? Oh, right voluntary death panels and family counseling. I wonder how long before voluntary becomes mandatory like insurance. 

"Baucus would offer tax credits to help pay premiums ... three times the poverty level(32,490 one person / 66,150 family of 4 / 111,030 family of 8) ,about average middle-class wages (30,000 to 55,000)".......and who's paying for this the upper class and big business. Who do you think there going to pass the new costs on to?
T.A.N.S.A.A.F.L. Think about it.

This is my just my opinion, if you don't agree I'm alright with that. I'm old I'll be dead in the next +/-30 years and the
young will still be paying for the stupidity going on now.

Sep. 5th, 2009 @ 09:45 am Planned Parenthood
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This story is excerpted from the Indianapolis Star:

"Planned Parenthood says it must close 5 clinics

...Planned Parenthood is losing some of the funding it receives through the Indiana State Department of Health-administered Title XX grants. The grants were used to help pay some of the costs for patient treatment.

Starting in October, the Indiana Family Health Council, a nonprofit corporation, takes over administration of about $2 million in Title XX funds. The council will require clinics receiving these grants to limit how much they charge to treat low-income patients.

The poorest women will receive exams, lab work and contraceptives for free, said Gayla Winston , the council's president. Women with some income will be charged on a sliding fee scale.

"If you take our funds, you have to run that whole program at that site by our rules," Winston said.

Planned Parenthood said the reduction in funds will have an effect on its other clinics.

"PPIN has made the decision that many of our sites must now become fully self-sustaining, or independent, because of the restrictions placed on the funding," the statement read. "Obviously, this will have major implications for our patients and their ability to access basic health care.""...

Full story here:

I don’t know which I feel more strongly about. Planned Parenthood having the stuff to tell the IFHC to keep their funds or the patients who will suffer. Of course the reality is probably not that Planned Parenthood had the moral fiber to stand up to the IFHC on there right to run there clinics own way. No it seems to me it has to do with costs. The funds received would not cover the increased cost of covering the free and sliding fee scale patients.
The truly sad thing is this is just an example in microcosm of the real problem with health care. The Government and its requirements for covering the free and sliding fee scale patients.These patients have to be paid for so the cost is passed on to those who can pay: ie. an example why a Band-Aid costs $25.
But silly me; this is only my opinion based on what I have found from reading and doing my own research. There again I don’t believe the government owes me a living, that you are responsible for your actions, you know when most politicians are lying; their mouth is moving. and T.A.N.S.T.A.A.F.L.
Jul. 25th, 2009 @ 10:09 am Enough is enought: it's time to tell the Fed's to go F*** them selves
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"Feds looking at plan to tax drivers by the mile"
Jul. 19th, 2009 @ 10:43 am (no subject)
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I mourn loss of Walter Cronkite he was truly was the last newscaster I trusted. But there again I don't and think my friends could take Walter telling the truth about Obama like he did about Nixon. :-(
Jun. 22nd, 2009 @ 06:55 pm Laid off
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For the first time in 24 years and 15 days I don't have a job to go to tomorrow.
But, WTF I am owed 12 weeks of back pay at least this way I can collect unemployment.